2019年 カナダ海外研修 体験記

2019年 カナダ海外研修 初級者編参加

高校1年2組 桑原 真拓

About my Homestay experience in Canada-I went fishing

I went fishing with my host family while I was getting used to a new life in Canada. To go fishing in the river was a new experience for me.  I was a beginner.  I didn’t even know how to cast a fishing rod.  However, my host family and their friends taught me about it, including many other things such as how to use a fishing rod, how to wind a string and when to release the fishing reel switch.  After a short time, I got used to fishing. So, I could enjoy practicing how to fish with them.

The following week, I went fishing with my host family and their friends again.  This time, I wanted to catch a fish.  I knew how to fish.  So, I thought that I could catch a fish.  However, a fish escaped, though a fish was caught on the hook of my fishing rod.  This happened many times.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t catch any fish but I could talk with everyone.  I could enjoy fishing because of everyone there.  I want to fish again someday in Canada.